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small and larger organsiations...

We help businesses from all sizes with their hosting needs. This can be domain management, webhosting a WordPress website, maintanance on a VPN and much more. Let us know and we will love to hear about your needs and find a fitting solution.

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We offer a wide range of webhosting services, this includes WordPress optimized hosting, standard webhosting, VPN hosting, dedicated server hosting and much more...

We do not offer standardized webhosting services, we believe in the power of finding fitting solutions for our clients. Thats why we always want to listen first to the vision or desire that someone has before we offer any products or solutions. Let us know what it is your looking for and we be able to either provide a fitting solution or point you to some of our great industry leading partners.

Domain registrations

Looking for a partner who can manage your domainnames or keep track of oppterunities? We manage and order domainnames for clients. No matter if you have 5 domains or 5000.

We help businesses manage their domain portfolio. Sometimes this can be a view and sometimes it can be 1000+ domainnames. We help you by making sure you keep track of them and are on the look out for possible oppertunities. This is a first of its kind service that is not only unique but allows businesses en entrepreneurs for the first time to get a overview of their domain assets in order to take apprioriteit action. Currently this service is in private BETA, if your interested feel free to reach out and we will provide more details.

E-mail services

Companies that offer E-mail services have changed completely in the last 10 years.Players like Microsoft's with Office365 and Google's Workspace entered the marketplace. The need for trusted email is more important then ever before.

We want to make sure that our customers can trust that they can always check their e-mail. In a world where e-mail for many organisations is the prefered way of communicating internally and costumers. Having relaible e-mail is not a bonus anymore but a basic service. We can help businesses with different kinds of e-mail services. This can be confugration or setup to maintanance and or customer support.